“Rule the World” by 2 Chainz (Ft. Ariana Grande)

The expression “rule the world” as used in this track is based on the artists’ belief in the overwhelming power they possess as a pair. Interpreted in another way, 2 Chainz and Ariana Grande play the roles of people in a successful romantic relationship. And while Ariana dominates the chorus, this is indeed a 2 Chainz track, which he uses primarily to praise his shorty and detail the joy he derives via their romance. 

2 Chainz verbally relays affectionate feelings for his significant other in two ways. At times he addresses her directly. At others he talks about the relationship by instead speaking to the listening audience. And whether rapping from an emotional or carnal, direct or indirect perspective, it is clear that Chainz has very-strong feelings for her and holds this woman in high regard.

However, this does not mean that “Rule the World” lacks general applicability. Indeed the qualities that Chainz states he values in his partner – primarily being her dedication and sensual appeal – are attributes virtually any man would appreciate in a similar setting. By and large, the vibe Ariana and 2 Chainz are collectively putting forth is the type that an actual couple can enjoy while chilling together.

Lyrics of "Rule the World"

Facts about “Rule the World”

  • Writer(s): At least 8 songwriters (including 2 Chainz) receive songwriting credits on “Rule the World”.
  • Producer(s): Four record producers came together to produce this track. They are – Paul Cabbin, Cardiak, Rob Holladay and Hitmaka.
  • Release Date: “Rule the World” was unveiled on March 1, 2019.  
  • Album: This is the ninth track on 2 Chainz’s album Rap or Go to the League (which is Chainz’s fifth studio album).

Does “Rule the World” make use of samples?

Yes. The song samples Amerie’s 2002 love song titled “Why Don’t We Fall In Love”.  

 Is this the first time Ariana Grande and 2 Chainz are working together?

No. Following the massive success of Ariana’s “7 Rings“, she teamed up with 2 Chainz and worked on a remix of the song.

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