“Nobody But You” by Blake Shelton (ft. Gwen Stefani)

This is a song recited by two real-life lovers. And accordingly its title and overall theme are based on the singers (Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani) only having romantic feelings for each other. Or stated differently, they “don’t want to love anybody” – particularly from a romantic perspective – but one another. 

In the first verse, Blake recognizes that he has a good partner and doesn’t want to forsake the relationship only to realize later down the road that he’s made a monumental mistake . And both vocalists proclaim that they have already wasted enough time in life on what can perhaps be deemed as fruitless romances. 

So in recognition of such, they want to fully take advantage of the love which stands before them in the here and now. And as such this is very much a romance song.  For the vocalists are stating in front of God almighty that they don’t want “nobody but” each other.

Lyrics of "Nobody But You"

Facts about “Nobody But You”

The writing team behind “Nobody But You” consists of Ross Copperman, Tommy Lee James, Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne.

They originally intended it to be a Blake Shelton solo song. However, Blake decided to include Gwen Stefani, whom he’s been dating since 2015, on the track.

Sophie Muller directed the music video to “Nobody But You”.

This track was released on 13 December 2019 as one of the new songs on Shelton’s compilation album “Fully Loaded: God’s Country”. The label behind the project, Warner Records, also reissued it as the third single from the album in January 2020.

“Nobody But You” charted in Australia, Canada and the United States.

In terms of the United States, it peaked at number nine on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart. And this marked the first time that Gwen Stefani broke the top 10 on that particular listing.

Is this Blake Shelton’s first collaboration with Gwen Stefani?

No. Throughout the years they have collaborated on a couple of track’s prior to this one. Those were Blake Shelton’s “Go Ahead and Break My Heart” in 2016 and Gwen Stefani’s “You Make It Feel Like Christmas” in 2017.

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