“Minimum Wage” by Blake Shelton

The title of this song (“Minimum Wage”) is actually centered on an allegory which makes up its main theme. The addressee would be the singer’s significant other. And from the onset, he points out how when they met and fell in love, neither one of them had money.  Indeed the implication is that at the time he was only earning “minimum wage”. Despite the fact that he was on a minimum wage, he ‘felt rich’. And why? Simply because he was the recipient of the addressee’s love. 

Moreover he presents himself as someone who is not caught up in materialism anyway.  Rather he has achieved fulfillment in life via his love for and relationship with the addressee.

Writing and Release of “Minimum Wage”

This song was written by none other than Blake Shelton himself. He debuted the song during the 2020 New Year’s Eve special (i.e. leading into 2021) hosted by television network NBC. The prevailing theory is that the addressee would be pop singer Gwen Stefani, whom he is engaged to at the time. However, it should be noted that they started dating in 2015, long after both of them had established themselves as music stars.

Upon its release “Minimum Wage” made more headlines than the usual Blake Shelton fare. And the headlines it created were mainly negative due to the fact that some people deem the lyrics as being insensitive. For as implied in the previous paragraph, Blake is far from being on “minimum wage”. 

Owing to the above, some people interpreted the wording almost as if he is mocking minimum salary earners. To his critics, in the very least Shelton is unqualified to sing from the perspective of such individuals. These criticisms are especially notable within the context of more Americans struggling financially than ever due to the pandemic.  However, Shelton himself appears as if he is not privy on entertaining such damning comments.

Do you really think that Shelton is being insensitive in this track, considering he is a millionaire?

To be perfectly honest, we doubt Shelton is being intentionally disrespectful to minimum wage earners. First of all, it should be noted that Shelton wasn’t born a millionaire. Owing to that, he knows how it feels like to be on a minimum wage. Secondly, even if you are billionaire, true love tends to have the power to make you feel even richer. And that is apparently what he is saying in this song.

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