“We Can Reach the Stars” by Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton wrote “We Can Reach the Stars” in honor of his relationship with his spouse, who by the way is long-standing pop star Gwen Stefani. And the vocalist sounds a lot like someone who is truly smitten by the apple of his eye. For instance, he expresses a fantasy that the two of them would have met at a much earlier juncture in history, so that they could have spent more of their lives together. 

Indeed he perceives their connection as one which was predestined by the Most High.  So despite them hooking up relatively late in the game, still he very much feels as if their union is a blessing.

And whereas he is obviously edified by this romance, at the same time Blake isn’t sugarcoating things. In other words, Blake does, metaphorically, reveal that sometimes less-than-ideal issue arise. But taking a mature approach to the matter, he perceives such hardships, if you will, as contributors to the strengthening of their relationship. 

As far as the title goes, most simply explained it is Blake’s way of putting forth, once again, that he truly loves Gwen.

And whereas some listeners may deem this piece as being a bit over-the-top, even for a love song, let it be known that “We Can Reach the Stars” actually served as Blake Shelton’s wedding vows to his wife. And once again concerning the title/chorus, this piece does an effective job of not only relaying his love for her but the fact that he looks forward to the two of them sharing a fulfilling future together.

Blake Shelton, "We Can Reach The Stars" Lyrics
Blake Shelton explains "We Can Reach The Stars"

Blake Shelton and “We Can Reach the Stars”

Blake Shelton is a singer who grew up in Oklahoma that has been around, in a professional capacity, since the start of the century. And throughout the years that followed, he has firmly established himself as one of the premiere country singers in the music industry. 

“We Can Reach the Stars” is derived from his 12th studio album, “Body Language”. Blake issued it as a single on 5 November 2021. And to note, this tune is actually part of the deluxe edition of the aforementioned album, being the last track on its 16 song playlist.

Warner Bros. Nashville supported the release of this track, as well as another entity called Ten Point Productions.

Blake Shelton authored “We Can Reach the Stars” with Craig Wiseman, whom he specifically enlisted to help him with said task. And the producer of the track, as with the entire Body Language LP, is Scott Hendricks.

We Can Reach The Stars

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