“One Number Away” by Luke Combs

On “One Number Away”, the narrator depicts a failed relationship, where both parties try to forget each other and move on, but end up regretting the decision altogether. The singer mentions preoccupying himself with several activities just to get rid of thoughts about his ex, but can’t seem to stop himself from wanting her back.

The video of the song however tells the story of a happy couple who experience the realities of love, pain and tension. The man tragically loses his lover in an accident, right after they have a fight. The song is a confession of the remorse he feels about ending the relationship, when in fact all he wants is to be with this person.

Luke, in an interview with Rare Country described the song as one that carries a universal message. He mentioned that it was inspired by the fact that almost everyone has been in a situation where they don’t want to call someone, but end up doing that anyway.


The entire song is themed on a classic breakup story where both parties (especially the narrator), regret breaking off the relationship and wish to hear from each other once more.

Facts about “One Number Away”

Luke Combs teamed up with a host of songwriters to create “One Number Away”. Below are the song’s official writing credits:

  • Robert Williford
  • Sammy Mitchell
  • Luke Combs
  • Steven Battey

On January 8th, 2018, this was issued as a single from Combs’ maiden studio album “This One’s for You”.

“One Number Away” belongs to the country music genre. Others have also called it an example of a classic country ballad.

The song was very successful in North America. Not only did it top Billboard’s Country singles chart in Canada, it also did the same in the United States. And on the Hot 100, it was a top 40 hit (actually enjoying a peak position of 34). In terms of sales, by 2020, it had sold well over 2 million copies in North America alone.

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