“Quietly Yours” by Birdy

This song (“Quietly Yours”) is derived from the soundtrack of a film titled Persuasion. This film is based on a 19th century novel by the same name. By the looks of things, this song’s lyrics were inspired directly by the featured narrative.

For instance, said text has a partial-maritime setting. And likewise, the song commences with the vocalist utilizing related terminology as metaphors. But more to the point, this story revolves around two lovers who initially in their relationship were on the verge of marriage. But due to the female – or more specifically her listening to the advice of others – such did not materialize. However, some years down the line, as fate would have it, she ends up crossing paths with said ex in an extended sort of way. 

This time around, being older and wiser in the game, said female decides to take the romantic opportunity more seriously.

And you have to give it to Birdy for being able to successfully encapsulate that storyline in this song. Of course, the lyrics aren’t nearly as detailed as the novel, nor do they attempt to be. Instead, what we’re poetically dealing with here is a vocalist who has been ‘quietly keeping hope in her heart’ after “many years” ago ‘losing’ the addressee, who is clearly a romantic interest. 

Indeed, Birdy maintains that throughout the time that has transpired between their breakup and now, she’s been basically waiting – in faith if you will – for him to return. This is after at first ‘allowing herself to be swayed and pulled’ into devaluing him. And that is what she’s celebrating in the moment, the return of her significant other into her life, in addition to assuring him that she will never again make the mistake of letting him go.

Lyrics for Birdy's "Quietly Yours"


This song is from the soundtrack of a Netflix film named Persuasion. The film first aired on 15 July 2022. Apparently all of the songs on the soundtrack, with the exception of this one, are by a Londoner named Stuart Earl.

Birdy herself is also from England. Compared to Earl, she would be the more popular artist, as her last three studio albums all scored within the top 10 of the UK Albums Chart. She has proven comparably successful in other parts of Europe, as well as Australia. And beyond that, it seems that her music is regularly utilized in the television/movie circuit.

To note, this song plays at the end of Persuasion. Persuasion is a romantic drama starring Dakota Johnson and Cosmo Jarvis.

Did Birdy write “Quietly Yours”?

Birdy wrote “Quietly Yours”. She also co-produced it with Rich Cooper.

Quietly Yours

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