“Real As It Gets” by Lil Baby (ft. EST Gee)

The obvious goal of “Real As It Gets” is for the artists at hands to present themselves as paid gangstas. And the chorus encapsulates the tenets by which such individuals live by. For instance, the very first line of the passage reinforces the classic ‘money over b—hes’ ideology. 

Then the vocalist promptly follows up by letting it be known that he carries guns. And of course there is the braggadocious element, which the title of the track is based on, i.e. the featured homeys being “as real as it gets”. And Lil Baby closes the chorus by letting it be known that he is not only an innovator but also someone that you don’t want to play with (considering the guns and all).

One of the permeating subthemes which lends to the aforementioned thesis sentiment at hand is the vocalists being true to the streets. What this means in practical terms for instance is that they’re experienced in and/or currently active in the illicit drug trade. 

Indeed as Lil Baby points out in his verse proper, he rolls with criminal elements. And making such assertions, i.e. being gang-affiliated, is very important in the world of gangsta rap. For this lets listeners, such as potential opps, know that he is not rolling alone. 

Or another way of looking at the statements above is that rappers such as these do in fact boast a lot. And behaving in such a manner may inspire other gangstas to attempt to rob or flat-out attack them. So one of the purposes of such lingo would be to deter them from doing so, as in warning of the consequences. And Lil Baby concludes his verse by pointing to his impressive cash flow.


Meanwhile EST Gee operates along similar themes. We all know that at this point he isn’t as paid as Lil Baby, but being rich isn’t really what this song is about anyway.  Indeed when it comes to presenting himself as a true gangsta, EST is able to hang with his co-vocalist. 

What he is putting forth in his verse is that, despite being a success, he stays in tune with his ‘hood-based roots. And what that basically means is that not only is he living the good life, but it would behoove you not to rub him in the wrong way.

And ultimately in the world of hip-hop, being rich while remaining a thug, as the rappers are fundamentally presenting themselves throughout, is in fact considered “as real” as any n–ga can ‘get’.

Lyrics of "Real As It Gets"

Release of “Real As It Gets”

Being officially released on 4 March 2021, “Real As It Gets” is actually the first track of said year which Lil Baby has served as the primary artist. 

The speculation at the time is that this will be featured on his forthcoming third album, whenever such is officially announced. And just to note, the day after this track came out Baby was featured on another song, which was Drake’s “Wants and Needs“.

And speaking about Drake, it can be argued that as of the release of this track Lil Baby is even a hotter rapper than Drizzy.  For example, Baby’s second studio full-length, “My Turn”, holds the distinction of being “the most-popular album of the year [2020] in the US”. (Although in regards to this particular argument it should also be noted that Drake didn’t drop an album in 2020.)

Who is EST Gee?

Meanwhile at the time EST Gee is an up-and-coming rapper from Louisville, Kentucky. His previous profession was actually as a street-based drug dealer – an endeavor which landed him in jail. 

And he was inspired to pursue a music career after being put on to (i.e. coming to admire) Lil Baby. EST’s big break came when he was signed by Yo Gotti under a label called CMG. And this is his first collaboration with Lil Baby. Up until this point, the musician who Gee has been most associated with is fellow Kentucky rapper Jack Harlow.

Creation of “Real As It Gets”

The music video to this track was directed by another artist based in Atlanta (besides Lil Baby) named Caleb Jermale.

The producers of this song are DY Krazy and ATL Jacob. Both artists also participated in writing it, doing so alongside the two rappers.

Real As It Gets

The label that issued this track is Quality Control Music. As of the late-2010s headed into the 2020s, Quality Control is arguably the premiere record label in the southwestern United States, undoubtedly when it comes to rap music. And why? This is because in addition to Lil Baby they also have acts like the Migos, City Girls and Lil Yachty on their roster, all of whom originated in Georgia or Florida. 

And via subsidiaries they also have contracts with top rappers from other parts of the country such as Cardi B (NYC) and Trippie Redd (Ohio).

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