“Real Groove” by Kylie Minogue

“Real Groove” is of course a dance song. But the title is sort of a double entendre. For in addition to inherently alluding to dancing, it also points to the romantic vibes between the singer and addressee. Or more exactly, this is a love song set on the dance floor. And the way the narration unfolds is that the vocalist comes across her ex in a setting akin to a nightclub. He’s getting his groove on with another lady. But in a roundabout sort of way, watching the two of them dance reminds the singer of just how much she loves him. So she goes about recounting how she made a mistake by leaving him in the first place. But more expressly, she wants him back. 

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Kylie Minogue's Real Groove at Lyrics.org.

So the main sentiment being put forth is that the two of them had a genuine love, aka a “real groove”, as opposed to the superficial relationship she perceives he has with his current partner.

Facts about “Real Groove”

Kylie Minogue recorded the vocals for this song herself via her laptop. That was presumably due to the nature of the coronavirus lockdowns. And the singer admitted she was challenged by this particular tune, ‘doing a lot more takes than she usual would’ to get the sound right.

BMG and Darenote officially released Real Groove on 5 November 2020. And the following day, Kylie went on to debut it herself via a video-recorded performance. Then the day after that, it also appeared on her Infinite Disco livestream event.

This song is featured on Disco, which happens to be the tenured Kylie Minogue’s 15th studio album.

Finnish musicians Nico Stadi and Teemu Brunila produced and co-wrote Real Groove.  And the other co-writers are Minogue and Alida Garpestad.

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