“Where Does the DJ Go?” by Kylie Minogue

As its title implies, this is in fact a dance song. And on the surface, it features the singer questioning where exactly “does the DJ go” when the party is over. And apparently the reason she is inquisitive in that regard is because dancing is for her escape from the stresses of life. As such she would like to party longer than the time allotted. But there is also a deeper-general meaning to the lyrics. In that case, “the DJ” can be interpreted as being symbolic of positivity overall. And his or her absence represents Kylie Minogue having been in a depressed state in real life. 

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Kylie Minogue's Where Does The DJ Go at Lyrics.org.

And the reason she and her co-writers were under such a disposition at the time was due to dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and other stressors from the outside world.

The song was written by Kylie Minogue alongside the following:

  • Danny Shah
  • Sky Adams
  • Kiris Houston

The latter two artists also serving as its producers.

This track is included on Kylie’s album Disco, which is dated 6 November 2020 and supported by record labels BMG and Darenote.

In the lyrics, Kylie Minogue gives a shoutout to an American disco classic, I Will Survive (1978) by Gloria Gaynor.

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