“Slow” by Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue’s “Slow” is what we would consider a sex song in tone. It is one in which we all know what’s finna to transpire, even though the piece is totally devoid of any direct adult references.

As presented, the addressee is likely a former homey of the vocalist. But then it’s like one day ‘their eyes connected’, i.e. a notable exchange of pheromones transpiring. So now it’s as if they’re dating, even if such has never actually been proclaimed. And the pair are spending a romantic evening ‘slow dancing’ with each other. 

It would also appear that all of this is going down in the singer’s home, not in some type of public setting. And again, the underlying sentiment from the jump is akin to Kylie understanding that this romantic evening is likely to lead to some type of intercourse and is in fact desiring such to transpire.

Lyrics of Kylie Minogue's "Slow"

“Slow” Facts

Artist(s): Kylie Minogue
Album/EP: “Body Language” 

Was “Slow” a single release?

Yes. Kylie released it as single No.1 from her 2003 project, “Body Language”. It was officially issued on 3rd November, 2003.

Did Kylie Minogue write “Slow”?

Yes. She collaborated with songwriters Dan Carey and Emilíana Torrini to compose it. The latter two also co-produced “Slow” with Sunnyroads.


“Slow” is an electropop song. It also fits into the synth-pop genre.

Grammy Honor

“Slow” received a 2005 Grammy nomination in the “Best Dance” category. However, Britney Spears’ international hit song “Toxic” ended up winning the category. Other songs that contested for the award include:

Other Accolades

Many music critics consider “Slow” as one of the strongest songs of Kylie’s career.

Slant Magazine’s Sal Cinquemani placed the song at number 5 of his list of 2004’s top ten singles.

As part of Valentine’s Day celebrations in 2012, PRS for Music of the UK placed “Slow” at the top of the list when it compiled its list of top ten “sexy songs” in 2012.

Chart Performance

  • US – 91
  • UK – 1
  • Spain – 1
  • Scotland – 1
  • Romania – 1
  • Norway – 4
  • New Zealand – 9
  • Netherlands – 8
  • Italy – 6
  • Ireland – 5
  • Hungary – 4
  • Greece – 3
  • Germany – 8
  • Finland – 3
  • Denmark – 1
  • Croatia – 3
  • Canada – 6
  • Belgium – 9
  • Australian – 1
Cover art for “Slow”

The “Body Language” Album

Slow is a song that was recorded by Kylie Minogue and co-written with Torrini and Carey. The song was released in November 2003. It was the lead single of Kylie’s ninth studio album, which she titled Body Language.

Parlophone records released Body Language on November 10, 2003. Kylie collaborated with various writers and producers in creating this album. They include:

  • Kurtis Mantronik
  • Cathy Dennis
  • Karen Pole
  • Dan Carey
  • Sunnyroads
  • Emiliana Torrini

Inspirations were drawn from 1980 songs, and musicians such as Scritti Politti and Prince to create the songs on the album. The lyrics of the album tend to allude to flirting, sex, and enjoyment settings.

Body Language peaked within the top-50 on the Billboard 200 chart. On the UK Albums chart, it reached an impressive #6. In Australia, it topped the Dance Albums chart and ranked second on the Albums chart. Furthermore, it was in the top 50 positions of the album charts of over ten European and Asian countries.

The album has received a double-platinum certification from Minogue’s native Australia (ARIA). In addition, it has also received a platinum certification from United Kingdom (BPI). Furthermore, it received gold certification from Austria and Switzerland. As of 2021, the album has pushed over a million copies in sales.

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