“Supernova” by Kylie Minogue

All lyrics considered, the term “supernova” leads back to the idea of Kylie Minogue being enamored with her boyfriend. In other words, he ‘shines like a supernova’, which is the “brightest of the stars”. So the shtick of the song basically features a bunch references to space or celestial bodies, keeping in tune with the intergalactic theme established by the title. And ultimately, as aforementioned, all of this elaborate wording serves as an expression for how much the singer is digging her lover. Or viewed comprehensively, she perceives him to be a very extraordinary and attractive person.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Kylie Minogue's Supernova at Lyrics.org.

“Supernova” Facts

The planet “Jupiter” is referenced in the lyrics. And that also happens to be the name of the son of Sky Adams, the producer and co-writer of Supernova.

The other two co-writers of the song are Kylie Minogue herself and Maegan Cottone.

This track is featured on Disco. That is the name of the album which Kylie Minogue released on 6th November 2020. And she did so via BMG and her own label, Darenote.

Kylie alters her voice during certain parts using a device called a vocoder. And she referred to such as “the voice of a little space creature who’s my friend in the song”.

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