“Last Chance” by Kylie Minogue

The title of this song is based on Kylie Minogue letting the addressee know that he only has a limited opportunity to get close to her. The place where the two of them cross paths is in a party of club setting. And this guy has caught the singer’s eye – and apparently vice versa. So basically, she wants him to make the first move and invite her to dance. Or stated more plainly, she wants to get close to him. And this track serves as his invitation to do so.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Kylie Minogue's Last Chance at Lyrics.org.

Kylie Minogue wrote Last Chance along with its producer, Sky Adams and additional co-writer Maegan Cottone. The singer has stated that the tune was inspired by a couple of classical musical acts from her youth, that being the Bee Gees and especially ABBA.

Being released on November 6th, 2020, Last Chance is featured on Kylie Minogue’s project for that year, Disco. And its labels are BMG and one helmed by Minogue herself, Darenote.

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