“West Coast” by G-Eazy (Ft Blueface)

The general purpose of this song is the rappers’ encouragement for listeners to dance in name of the West Coast of the United States, the region where both G-Eazy and Blueface hail from. In other words, in the chorus of the track, they are expressing love for their ‘hood. Having said that, when it comes to their individual verses, only one of them really sticks to that subject.

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In G-Eazy’s verse, the lyrics center mainly around his wealth. Here, he brags about the success of his last album and the fact that he has already made millions of dollars. In fact he says he’s so straight that his yet to be born grandchildren (Young Gerald is currently 29 years old with no children) are already taken care of financially. Put succinctly, Eazy’s primary lyrical focus is his financial success. However, other topics he delves into in his personal section are his drug and alcohol use as well as giving at least one solid shoutout to the West Coast.

Blueface’s verse sticks more to the main idea of the song. In other words, it consists of him making numerous shoutouts to the West Coast, even making the claim that now he’s “the face” of the region.  However, what he seemingly focuses on more than love for his hometown is his interactions with women. And keeping with the same vibe that has made him famous, he presents these women primarily as objects to have fun with. But at the end of the day, no matter what other topics are explored, it is clear that both rappers have massive love for the West Coast.

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