“South Africa” by Baby Keem

The title of this song and what it is primarily about are two different things. As for the title, as presented in the chorus it is meant to allude to the idea that maybe one day the vocalist will just pack his bags and bounce, even to a destination as remote, so to speak, as South Africa. But what it actually deals with primarily is romance.

Perhaps what the vocalist is expressing, as sorta implied at the beginning of the first verse, is that he’ll take a female to South Africa with him. Indeed the underlying thesis of said passage can be said to be something like, with Keem being a “rap n–ga” and all, there’s certain types of women who are willing to do whatever he recommends.

The beginning of the second verse also briefly speaks to the idea of travel, though more to the point Keem’s ability to resettle with his “kinfolk” at will. The verse then, as we should perhaps now come to expect, transforms to him once again focusing on romantic interests. And in that regard the rapper is letting forth a hosh-posh of emotion, ranging from a lack of willingness to fall in love to Keem hard sexing who is presumably his girlfriend.

Lyrics of "South Africa" by Baby Keem

“South Africa” Details

This song is from Baby Keem’s hit maiden studio album which goes by the title “The Melodic Blue”. The album, which came out officially on the 10th of September, 2021, was preceded by the singles “Family Ties” and “Durag Activity”. The former features Keem’s own cousin, rap icon Kenrick Lamar.

Keem and Bēkon co-wrote and produced the song. Bekon whose real name is Daniel Tannenbaum is one of the most sought after producers and songwriters of his generation. For example, over the years, he has worked with the likes of Eminem, Dr. Dre and Drake. He even worked on Keem’s cousin Lamar’s Grammy winning 2017 album “Damn”.

South Africa

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