“Gorgeous” by Baby Keem

Baby Keem’s “Gorgeous” apparently serves as an ode to his girlfriend. In the intro and chorus, Keem presents himself as someone who “can’t fall in love because (he’s) heartless”. 

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However, most of the song does imply that he has met someone who tickles his fancy, thus giving us the title. And what he appreciates most about her, apparently, is her personality being a combination of ‘hood and self-sufficiency. 

So besides celebrating this infatuation, most of the lyrics appear dedicated to the vocalist presenting himself to this lady as someone she should be with. And he does that primarily by touting his own independence as well as ability to perform in the sack. Moreover, once again going back to the title/chorus, he compliments her looks, including the shape of her derriere, on a couple of occasions.

Also as with the other Melodic Blues tracks we have thus far covered, even though this piece is primarily romantic in nature the rapper also uses the occasion, in this case the bridge, to give a shoutout to his rowdy crew.

Lyrics to Baby Keem's "Gorgeous"

More Info about “Gorgeous”

Primary Artist(s): Baby Keem
Album: “The Melodic Blue”

Was “Gorgeous” a single release?

No. That said, Keem’s maiden album “The Melodic Blue” (which “Gorgeous” appears on) was promoted by these singles:

The entire project was released by Columbia Records in conjunction with Kendrick Lamar’s pgLang on September 10 of 2021.

Who are the writers of this tune?

In addition to Keem, we have Cardo and Jahaan Sweet. The trio also produced “Gorgeous”.


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