“Scars” by Baby Keem

Many of Baby Keem’s raps from “The Melodic Blue” album possess what we will refer to as an emo tone. That is to say that he obviously faced challenges growing up, and the overall experience has left him, to some degree, emotionally traumatized. 

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And that is the theme upon which “Scars” is based. For instance, in the chorus we witness the rapper questioning God as to why he was given such a difficult life, not only in terms of what he’s been through but also an inability to find a genuinely edifying interpersonal relationship.

The first verse features a tale from the rapper’s past, i.e. the days in which he lived with his aunt. To make a long story short, they didn’t particularly see eye-to-eye, so Keem decided to bounce.

The second verse implies that the rapper’s decision to leave his family behind was also based on a desire to escape the street life. He was able to perceive that being stuck in such an environment was like a road to nowhere. 

Keem actually attributes all of this to being a victim of “low self-esteem”. But either way, as depicted he decided to make a power move in the name of fulfilling his destiny, if you will. However, certain lines, such as some those found in the bridge, indicate that in hindsight, he realizes he just basically traded in one temptation for another. 

Meanwhile, as far as the title goes, we have to presume that the rapper is referring to the emotional “scars” that he possesses as a result of his upbringing.

And in fact, as stated earlier, such is actually a recurring subtheme throughout The Melodic Blue.  But it is perhaps this track in which he tackles the topic most directly.

Lyrics to Baby Keem's "Scars"

Release Date of “Scars”

“Scars” was released as part of Baby Keem’s “The Melodic Blue” album. This album (which came out on September 10th, 2021) was supported by 4 single releases, including the following:


“Scars” was written by Keem, with assistance from the following:

  • Scott Bridgeway
  • Johnny Kosich
  • Matt Schaeffer
  • Jahaan Sweet

Does “Scars” contain any samples?

Yes, it does. It contains a sample of Kanye West’s 2008 hit titled “Love Lockdown“.


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