“Issues” by Baby Keem

What this song (“Issues”) actually seems to focus on is Baby Keem’s family “issues” or more specifically the rapper, in his own unique way, harping on days past. For instance, albeit indirectly, he acknowledges his mother for making financial sacrifices on his behalf. The rapper also recounts the family being evicted in his youth – a somewhat common occurrence in the ‘hood yet one likely to leave a lasting impression on a child. Keem also namedrops his grandmother in the chorus, though it’s not abundantly clear whether she is living or deceased.  Either way, the implication is that the vocalist hasn’t seen her in a while.

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Such is also obviously the case with his “sister RiRi”, who is mentioned in the second verse. And overall, going a bit on a limb in trying to make sense of all of the lyrics presented, what it seems that Keem is speaking to is something like keeping your spirit intact amidst all of the challenges of living in the ‘hood, so to speak. And in those regards he appears to not only be advising himself but also his loved ones.

Lyrics to "Issues" by Baby Keem

Facts about “Issues”

Baby Keem released “Issues” alongside his maiden album entitled “The Melodic Blue” on the 10th of September 2021.

“Issues” is the 5th track on The Melodic Blue‘s track listing. There are approximately 16 songs that appear on the album in question. Two of them were released as singles prior to the album’s official release. “Issues” wasn’t one of them. The singles are: “Family Ties” and “Durag Activity”.

Keem collaborated with Jahaan Sweet in the writing and production of the song.

In 2008, Kanye West released a song titled “Coldest Winter”. That song is sampled in “Issues”.

What Baby Keem said of "Issues"

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