“Booman” by Baby Keem

The titular “Booman”, as revealed in the second verse, is one of Baby Keem’s moniker. And he uses this song to detail his lifestyle in different ways. For instance, at the beginning of the first verse, the vocalist presents himself as a womanizer on an international level. 

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He also expresses a personal dislike, from a romantic perspective, of women who are “too thick”, i.e. big, which is actually a recurring sentiment throughout The Melodic Blue album. Then Keem lets it be known that he’s the type of professional musician who “cannot be happy unless” he makes his “whole team” right, i.e. look out for his people on a financial level. 

And the second verse is more along the lines of the rapper presenting himself as a formidable opponent, tough guy or what have you.

Meanwhile in the chorus Keem, is celebrating the fact that he’s “sexy and blessed”. So it is obvious this is a braggadocious track. And accordingly, “Booman” would be representative of the very confident side of Keem’s nature.

Lyrics of "Booman" by Baby Keem

Primary Artist(s): Baby Keem
Album/EP: “The Melodic Blue”
Writing/Production: “Booman” was written and produced by Keem

Was “Booman” a single release?

No. Four singles were released from this album. “Booman” wasn’t one of them. These singles are as follows:


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