“Vent” by Baby Keem

“Vent”, based on the chorus as rendered by Kendrick Lamar, seems as if it is about the vocalist having some type of beef with women, more specifically romantic interests of his. And the way Baby Keem chimes in, led by such a theme, is by presenting himself as sort of this guy who doesn’t really care about women like that.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Baby Keem's Vent at Lyrics.org.

Meanwhile most of the tracks found on The Melodic Blue, in their own special way, are about romance. So obviously there’s some type of conflict going on within the young rapper or, if we wanted to really get psychological, we may even say that “Vent” is misogynistic.

But apparently, as implied by the title (which never appears in the lyrics), such is actually the point. Or put otherwise, Keem is theoretically using this piece to “vent” out his frustrations towards the opposite sex. And overall, considering the terminology used throughout to refer to females for instance, it can be esteemed that he doesn’t think too highly of them in general.

Baby Keem. "Vent" Lyrics

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