“First Order of Business” by Baby Keem

As the title implies, “First Order of Business” delineates Baby Keem’s priorities in life, may we know also say after now having become a financial success. And according to the chorus, at the top of the list would be ‘thanking his mama’ for holding him down throughout. 

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Secondly, Keem sets out the spread his wealth and in the process freeing his loved on from “trauma”, may we also say particularly of the economic variety. 

And third is to “do good deeds” and in the process be the recipient of favorable karma. 

However a second “first order of business” is also mentioned in the passage, where the vocalist is also showing appreciation for this significant other the monetary way. Or viewed from a different perspective, he wants to imbue her money in the name of firmly locking her down long-term.

Then, there is yet another “first order of business” mentioned at the beginning of the first verse, which is Baby Keem’s goal to “shake the toxic”, i.e. remove drama from his life. And from that point forward, to be honest, the song becomes focused on romantic interests, i.e. sex. So it’s like Keem really has sex on his mind a lot these days. But when he’s not preoccupied with such issues, his thoughts rather drifts to ideas like taking care of his people.

Lyrics to "First Order of Business"

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