“Spicy” by Ty Dolla $ign (ft. Post Malone)

On “Spicy” Ty Dolla $ign and his homey, Post Malone, are basically rapping about their bedroom fun adventures with particular females. In Ty’s case he seems to be talking about a stripper(s) in the chorus and a lady who already has a man in his verse. But regardless of who exactly he is addressing, either way he is just interested in a tryst, i.e. using his dough to seduce the lady for bedroom fun as opposed to getting into an actual relationship. 

And the title of the track is based on him referring to a dancer who particularly caught his eye as a “spicy lil’ mama”. 

Meanwhile Posty is also speaking of a woman he “met… in the club”. And fundamentally their relationship reads the same, i.e. the rapper enjoying fast bedroom fun while simultaneously being engaged in a jet-set lifestyle. And his chick is also spicy, as in being even “wilder than” Malone himself. 

So boiled down to its bare bones, this track is about the vocalist’s wealth and their sex lives.

Release Date of “Spicy”

This is the fourth single issued from the album entitled “Featuring Ty Dolla $ign”, with the song being released by Atlantic Records and Taylor Gang Records on 21 October 2020. 

Is this Ty Dolla’s first collabo with Post Malone?

Ty Dolla $ign and Post have collaborated prior to “Spicy”, most notable on the latter’s 2018 hit track “Psycho“.

Writing and Production

The producers of “Spicy” are as follows:

  • Louis Bell
  • Phil Scully
  • Westen Weiss
  • Damn James

And the same artists also co-wrote the song in conjunction with the following:

  • Carl Rosen
  • Billy Walsh
  • Nano Lee
  • Gizzle
  • Malone
  • Ty Dolla

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