“Fair Chance” by Thundercat (ft. Ty Dolla $ign & Lil B)

According to Thundercat, “Fair Chance” is intended to be an ode to the late Mac Miller. And such a sentiment is sort of relayed in the chorus. Here it is pretty obvious that the addressee is someone whom the singer cares about yet is no longer in his life. Meanwhile Ty Dolla $ign’s lyrics, which constitute the first verse, make it a bit clearer that the individual he is talking about may have passed away. 

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Lil B's Fair Chance at Lyrics.org.

And Lil B takes the concept of missing a loved one in a whole ‘nother direction. Instead of addressing a person who is dearly departed, he rather comes off as if he is heartbroken and is speaking to a living romantic interest. 

Song’s Title (“Fair Chance”)

And as for the title of the track, it is never actually mentioned in the lyrics.  But based on the verses, it would apparently be centered on the idea of the vocalists feeling as if life is treating them unfairly based on the aforementioned scenarios. 

So conclusively, Thundercat’s chorus is generally speaking to someone he cares for who is no longer present and his resultant emotional turmoil. And based on that premise, Ty Dolla focuses on a dead friend (Mac Miller), while Lil B lyrics are obviously centered on a girlfriend he has a troubled relationship with.

Lyrics of "Fair Chance"

Facts about “Fair Chance”

Thundercat has stated directly that “this song is about Mac”, i.e. the late Mac Miller (1992-2018). The late rapper is someone whom Thundercat worked with extensively while he was alive. 

“Fair Chance” is the third single from Thundercat’s fourth solo album, which is entitled “It Is What It Is”.

This track was released by a record label called Brainfeeder on 17 March 2020.

The writers of “Fair Chance” are Thundercat, Ty Dollar $ign and Lil B.

Thundercat is also one of the producers on the song along with Sounwave and Flying Lotus.

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