“It’s a Raid” by Ozzy Osborne (ft. Post Malone)

“It’s a Raid” is a song based on the concept of the artists being stalked. Who is actually doing the stalking is a matter of interpretation. For instance, in Ozzy Osborne’s case, it appears to be an entity powerful enough to keep him under constant surveillance. Meanwhile Post Malone comes off as if he is more worried about a home intruder. But there is more to the lyrics than that. For example, there is definitely something psychological going on in the chorus and the bridge. 

In the chorus what Ozzy seems to be talking about, to some degree, is the negative mental effects of being stalked. In other words, he doesn’t come out for days as a result. Also in the bridge, the artists are encouraging the audience to “go f crazy”, the type of sentiment you’d probably expect from a hard-rock tune. 

And as for the title of the track, it is arguable that what the singers are referring to, considering the song’s theme as mentioned above, is their own homes being raided. But considering the, outro it can also be said that they themselves are the ones who intend on doing the raiding. 

So conclusively, this is a track that is based on the singers’ uneasiness due to the stalked – or at least being under the impression of such.  But at points it deviates from this topic and also morphs into more of a conventional, unintelligible if you will, rock song.

Lyrics of "It's a Raid"

Facts about “It’s a Raid”

This is actually the second collaboration between Ozzy Osborne and Post Malone.  The first was a track entitled “Take What You Want” (2019) that was originally featured on Post Malone’s “Hollywood’s Bleeding” album. That song likewise makes an appearance on Ozzy’s album “Ordinary Man”, as does “It’s a Raid”.

“It’s a Raid” was officially released on 20 February 2020. On that date it became the fourth single issued from “Ordinary Man”. And the label behind the track is Epic Records.

This song was written by Ozzy Osborne and Post Malone.  And its producer is Andrew Watt.

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