“Broken Whiskey Glass” by Post Malone

Content-wise, “Broken Whiskey Glass” is more or less your standard braggadocio rap. That means the singer spends a considerable amount of time touting his own superiority in one form or another. This is done specifically in the area of his financial success and all of the luxuries it affords him. And these include a don’t-give-a-f lifestyle and the wherewithal to sleep with other guys’ women if he so desires.

But as we can derive from the title, intoxication is also one of the major themes of “Broken Whiskey Glass”. This is especially true at the beginning of the song, where Post Malone gives a shoutout to a number of intoxicants that he enjoys. For instance, he begins by stating that he “drank codeine from a broken whiskey glass”, basically meaning he consumed a mixture of these two powerful drugs. Indeed codeine being taken with whiskey actually has a history dating back a few centuries. So it’s like he is fundamentally bigging up this concoction.

Broken Glass

Also, the symbolism of a “broken glass” alludes to the self-destructiveness, if you will, present in the rapper’s life. For instance, he concludes the first verse by pointing out that he “woke up” to find his “room is… trashed like a damn hotel”, meaning the place was spoiled as a result of his drunkenness.  Indeed overall, the first half of the song has almost an advisory sort of feel, with Post highlighting a number of questionable actions he’s partaken of in the past.

For example, he once “slaved for the man”, as in having a your average toilsome job. But that is a course of action he plans to never replicate. Indeed all of these references, to an extent, allude to the idea of Post “learning” applicable “lessons” from his past experiences. But this isn’t mean to imply – in any way, shape or form – that he has the intent to quit getting high. For such is part and parcel of his persona, thus the title of this song.

Second Half

Meanwhile the second half is where the braggadocio aspect really kicks in. Through the utilization of colorful metaphors, the main thing Malone wants to put forth is that he is indeed chillin’. He also concludes by addressing his rivals, insinuating that, succinctly put, they want to be like him.


So conclusively, we can say that “Broken Whiskey Glass” is premised on two different aspects of  Malone’s life. One is the artist’s affinity for drugs, even at times when it feels like his is spinning out of control.  And the other points to the fact that he is a popular musician, which is a topic he deals with basically by boasting.

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