“Staring at the Sky” by XXXTentacion

“Staring at the Sky” is the sixth track from XXXTentacion’s first posthumous album titled Skins (SKINS). On this song, the late X sings about the sufferings and sorrows he has battled in life. It isn’t exactly clear if the lyrics are autobiographical.

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That said, it is important that we mention that most of X’s songs are on real life experiences. Based on this, it is possible that X might have been using the lyrics of this song to detail the struggles of his life. And indeed X did face many struggles throughout the very short life he lived on earth.

Staring at the Sky lyrics

Facts about “Staring at the Sky”

  • X composed this track along with songwriter/producer John Cunningham – his longtime collaborator. The latter went on to handle the track’s production duties.
  • On 19th May, 2018, X teased fans with a snippet of the track. Few weeks after that, he was shot and killed.
  • With a run time of just 1:25, “Staring at the Sky” is second shortest track on Skins.
  • Owing to the fact that this song’s title is stylized in only uppercase, it is officially written as follows: “STARING AT THE SKY”.

What was the release date of “Staring at the Sky”? And did it come out as a single?  

X’s labels dropped the song on December 7, 2018. It and the album Skins, on which it appears, came out on the same day. However, prior to the official release, the entire album had leaked online. Away from that, this song never came out as a single. “Bad” was the only single Skins produced.

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