“School Shooters” by XXXTentacion (ft. Lil Wayne)

On this song, Lil Wayne especially takes on the role of a “school shooter”. A school shooter is someone who, succinctly put, commits a mass murder at an educational institution. And such criminals are invariably students of the selfsame institutions they target. And Lil Wayne, though once again adopting the role of one of such individuals, is not advocating their actions. Rather his verse operates more along the lines of detailing what compels these people to commit such acts to begin with. So for instance, he acknowledges the abuse of hard drugs as a factor. There is also the issue of said individuals not fitting in with their classmates and even being bullied. 

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Indeed it can even be said that the school shooter does conform to societal norms in general. And when all of these factors are combined with him being stressed out, such atrocities are the potential result. 

Meanwhile XXXTentacion’s chorus can be understood as him also taking on the role of such a mass murderer though being more zealous to commit such crimes than Weezy’s character. However, conversely, it can also be interpreted as X espousing the lynching of the school shooter himself as opposed to glorifying the death of his victims.

Lyrics of “School Shooters”

Facts about “School Shooters”

XXXTentacion was a big fan of Lil Wayne but unfortunately never lived to see any of their collaborations released. That’s because the previous two songs that featured both artists, Lil Wayne’s “Don’t Cry” and “Scared of the Dark”, both came out in 2018 after XXXTentacion had passed away earlier during June of that same year.

Meanwhile “School Shooters” itself came out on 6 December 2019 as part of X’s final posthumous project, “Bad Vibes Forever”. And the labels behind this song are Empire Records and X’s own Bad Vibes Forever.

This song was written by X and Lil Wayne along with the track’s producers, John Cunningham and Jasper Sheff.

It should be noted that shortly before his death X actually dedicated a song, entitled “Hope”, to the victims of a school shooting. That school shooting in question occurred in his home state of Florida in February of 2018.

“School Shooters” was teased back in August of 2019 by X’s manager, Soloman Sobande. And as Soloman had implied, the featured artist (Lil Wayne) dominates the song since most of the vocals X left behind upon his passing were understandably incomplete.

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  1. Nwa says:

    Wow! I really miss x. Rest in Peace! He was a very good man. My dream was to meet him but now since he passed away that would never come true:(

  2. Anonymous says:

    If only X was alive to see the success of his songs and the love of his fans. Rest in peace X and may the angels always fly with you.

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