“Tomorrow 2” by GloRilla & Cardi B

“Tomorrow 2” is of course braggadocious in nature. GloRilla uses the opportunity of her verse to primarily harp on romantic issues. That is to say that the rapper largely expounds on how she’s on top of her sh*t, as manifest her ability to not stress n*-gas and even more so b*tches. 

So for instance, yes, her ex-boyfriend may be currently bonking one of her former homeys – an act that comes off as if they are trying to cause her some type of anguish in the process. But instead, GloRilla lets both of them know that “they… some f*-kin’ clowns” and basically taunts the pair – as well as other such individuals in her life – for not being able to match up to her standing.

Cardi B

Meanwhile, Cardi B is of course the bigger star in this equation. So she doesn’t necessarily harp on personal beefs per se.  Indeed, the vocalist is able to point out for example that she has opps whom she doesn’t even know exist. 

Or viewed from a different angle, she’s so popular that some random people try to use her name for clout – so and so forth. On occasion, Cardi has a tendency to drop some really impressive verses. And from a lyrical standpoint this is definitely one of them, though again the message is the same, i.e. B being superior to her female rivals most pointedly.

The chorus, however, steers us listeners in a different direction. And the title, in context, points to GloRilla in particular adopting a disposition whereas she acknowledges that even though today may not be ideal, “tomorrow” can well be a different story. So as far as the chorus goes, “Tomorrow 2” actually reads like a self-encouragement song.

GloRilla & Cardi B, "Tomorrow 2" Lyrics


GloRilla is a up-and-coming rapper from Memphis who, as of the release of “Tomorrow 2”, is 23 years old. Thus far she’s dropped a couple of mixtapes as well as a compilation album, the latter being a 2022 project titled “Gangsta Art”. 

The biggest hit in her discography to date would be another song she came out with earlier this year, which is called “F.N.F. (Let’s Go)”.

Cardi B

Cardi B, who is 29 years of age as of this writing, stands as one of the most-accomplished rappers in industry history. Circa the release of this track, her name has been making headlines more so due to legal issues and her thoroughly-publicized personal life. 

But she remains a major musician in the game, as made evident by the fact that “Tomorrow 2” promptly reached number one on Top 100: USA, a chart compiled by Apple Music. And in doing so, it buttressed Cardi’s standing as the female artist with the most songs to top said list.

Release Date of “Tomorrow 2”

This track, which was put out by Interscope Records and Yo Gotti’s CMG The Label (whom GloRilla is signed to), came out on 23rd September, 2022.

It marks the first time these two vocalists have teamed up. And to note, “Tomorrow 2” is actually the remix of “Tomorrow”, a solo track GloRilla dropped a couple of months prior.


The producer of this track, one Macaroni Toni, is also given songwriting credit for “Tomorrow 2” alongside Cardi B, GloRilla and Pardison Fontaine, the latter being a rapper in his own right (who also happens to be the boyfriend of another mega-popular female rapper, Megan Thee Stallion).

Tomorrow 2

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