“The Light” by Juice WRLD

By the looks of things, after an amazingly-successful run as a posthumous artist, it appears that Juice WRLD’s, 2023 album “The Party Never Ends” might actually be the last. This comes after the release of studio albums “Goodbye & Good Riddance” (2019) and “Death Race for Love” (2019) while Juice was still alive, on top of “Legends Never Die” (2020) and “Fighting Demons” (2021) which came after his passing in late 2019 at the age of 21.

And for a time there it really did feel like the party was never going to end. But Lil Bibby, the head of Grade A Productions, i.e. Juice’s longtime backers, verified that this will be WRLD’s last project. And it is Grade A, alongside Interscope and UMG, which put this track out on 23 March 2023.

“The Light” has four producers – Hurtboy AG, Gezin, Max Lord and ManohManFoster – all of whom are credited as co-writers alongside Juice WRLD. And it was Gezin, a regular Juice WRLD collaborator, who initially made this track known to the public in 2020.


We know that when an artist refers to “the light”, he or she is likely pointing to whatever they’re describing as having an edifying effect on their life. In this case, that something would be the vocalist’s significant other, the addressee. 

Being that this song is old in a manner of speaking, Juice WRLD fans would already have a pretty sound idea of where he’s coming, as someone who was suffering from serious depression before meeting this person. 

Also, as to be expected in one of his pieces, their romantic relationship is depicted as possessing an ample amount of inner turmoil. And drugs also play a role as far as the vocalist is concerned, though in this instance they take sort of a backseat as compared to Juice’s usual fare.

In fact the subject matter of this song is relatively diverse, with WRLD offering, shall we say his comprehensive ruminations on what it means to be in love in this troubled world. But by the time all is said and done, the thesis sentiment is firmly one of him being smitten. 

Or as inferred, he is compelled to stay particularly committed to the addressee, as she is “always the light” whenever “it’s dark outside” – a phenomenon which we can say in Juice’s world occurs quite often.

“When it’s dark outside, you’re always the light (Oh yeah)
This heart of mine was once cold as the ice (Oh, oh)
The more I try, the more I open my mind, for you
To find, the demons hidin’ deep inside”

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