“Cigarettes” by Juice WRLD

“Cigarettes” revolves around the three standard topics which tend to define Juice WRLD pieces – drugs, mental issues and troubled romance. This time though the drug at hand, at least as far as the title and chorus go, is good ol’ fashioned nicotine, i.e. cigarettes. And whereas for whatever reason cigarettes may be generally considered as a low-end intoxicant, Juice does acknowledge their ability to cause cancer and heart-related issues.

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Later in the song WRLD takes a more conventional approach, as far as his artistry goes, by referencing alcohol abuse. And the reason the vocalist is hitting the bottle is because he’s dealing with relationship problems. So the associated ‘stress’ would be the aforementioned mental issue he’s dealing with in this case.

As far as the troubled romance at hand, well maybe it was a bit of a stretch to define it so. Or let’s say that to some degree “Cigarettes” reads like the uncompleted piece it apparently was at the time of Juice’s passing. This is due to the lyrics being repetitive and the storyline a bit incohesive. That is to say that the verse depicts the vocalist’s girlfriend as one who holds him down when he’s feeling low which, with this being Juice WRLD and all, is quite often. But where the incohesiveness comes into play is in the chorus. Here, it implies that he has some sort of issue with her directly. 

But all lyrics considered, maybe the vocalist is saying something like amidst dealing with his own recurrent depression, he hasn’t had ample time to dedicate to the woman he loves, or something like that.


In any event, this song was officially released in the name of satiating WRLD’s fanbase. Within five days of release, “Cigarettes” over 3 million views on YouTube. This just illustrates that Jarad may be just as popular now as he was when he was alive. 

Indeed WRLD was an anomaly amongst A list rappers of the day, in that his songs were not always based on violence, money and sex. So as long as his people can keep churning out quality tracks, even such as this one which has already been in circulation for years, said pieces will likely be received favorably.

Lyrics of Juice WRLD's "Cigarettes"

When was “Cigarettes” released?

It was released officially on 2 February 2022. This song was issued as part of an extension to Juice WRLD’s album “Fighting Demons”, which itself came out in late 2021. Some sites refer to said extension as being the “Deluxe Edition” of the album, while others call it the “Complete Edition”. 

Either way “Fighting Demons” is the second studio album released in Juice WRLD’s name after his untimely passing in December of 2019. Backed by the following singles, the album went on to achieve a notable critical success internationally:


Juice wrote this track alongside frequent collaborator Nick Mira, who also produced it. And the recording of the song actually dates back circa four years before its release. The song has actually been known to diehard fans of the vocalist, via leaks, since late 2018.


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