“Early Mornings” by Meek Mill

On “Early Mornings”, Meek Mill is right in that he’s more lyrically talented than many of his rap-music peers. For instance, there’s some interesting lyricism embedded in this track, and he managed to accomplish that feat without employing any co-writers, contrary to the norm of the day as far as big-name rappers are concerned.

But that said, his content still tends to flow along a mainstream vein. Or put more bluntly, this piece is primarily braggadocious in nature. Meek presents himself as a success in both the financial and street senses of the word.

However, it should be noted that he is also one of the more down-to-earth hip-hop artists out there. So also permeating through this piece is a subtheme centered on the vocalist, to some limited degree at least, acknowledging his faults and vulnerabilities. That is to say that Meek obviously isn’t the type of rapper who perceives himself as being infallible. 

He understands that not everyone “from Philly to Baltimore”, which are amongst the meanest ‘hoods in America, have lived to tell the tale. And it is possible that the title of this song (which is not present in the lyrics), all lyrics considered, alludes to the notion of the rapper understanding that he must stay alert in order to survive and thrive in the game. But at the same time, humbleness and all aside, Meek evidently isn’t privy to taking losses either.

Lyrics to Meek Mill's "Early Mornings"

When did Meek Mill release “Early Mornings”?

It was released on 9 August 2022. “Early Mornings” marks Meek Mill’s first song of the year in question, solo or otherwise. Meek’s most-recent outing prior to this was his 2021 studio album “Expensive Pain”, which was a critical success in his homeland of the United States.


The music video to this track was directed by one Benjamin Carter, who runs a company called Carters Visions. Meanwhile, Meek Mill wrote “Early Mornings” himself.

Early Mornings

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