“The Best of Me” by Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams’ “The Best of Me” is a romantic-themed song in that it centers on the singer expressing his strong feelings for his significant other. He comes off as someone who has experience in the field of romance. And with him now having a special lady, he has “learned enough to know” that he has to love her accordingly.

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But that being said, this song also possesses what we can interpret as a pronounced sexual innuendo. That is to say that whereas Bryan is committed to giving his partner “the best of” himself, he is not making this assertion entirely in a macrocosmic type of sense. But more specifically, outside of stating his general commitment, certain lyrics appear to be quite physical and urgent in nature. For example, the singer states that he ‘wants her here tonight’, and if she does comply his intention is to ‘make this moment last for all her life’.


Overall this song is a statement of the singer’s undying commitment to dedicate his “best” to his highly-appreciated lover.

“The Best of Me” Facts

This song came out on the 15th of November 1999. And A&M Records decided to make it the title track of the album it is featured on. Said project is actually a compilation album.  But “The Best of Me” is an original song Bryan Adams and a regular collaborator, hitmaker R. J. “Mutt” Lange, wrote specifically for the project. Lange is also the producer of this particular song.

This track proved to be a moderate hit for Adams, breaking the top 10 on Canada Top Singles and also in Finland. And outside of Finland it also charted in a few other European countries, in addition to New Zealand.

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