“The Bigger Picture” by Lil Baby

This is Lil Baby’s take on the social unrest which has gripped America in the months during which “The Bigger Picture” was released. Said unrest is based largely on racial tensions, primarily between Blacks and Whites if you will. And compared to some other artists who have dropped similarly-minded tunes in wake of the George Floyd protests, Lil Baby actually takes a quite-intellectual approach. 

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For instance, he puts forth that he’s the type of person who judges individuals by their “mind and heart”, not by their “faces”, i.e. the color of their skin. Moreover he acknowledges that the Black community, where he himself has ascended from, does in fact have deep internal issues. However, he bases this reality more on cultural factors, i.e. lack of palpable alternatives to crime, as opposed to people therein being genuinely ill-willed. And keeping within the main theme of the George Floyd incident, he also recognizes that yes, “corrupted police” are real, having personally witnessed such himself in the past. However, he also states that “it was [not] all of them” who behaved in such a manner. 

The Bigger Picture

And ultimately, what the title of the song alludes to is the fact that he is not color-blind or the kind of person who stereotypes people. Rather he sees “the bigger picture”, as in viewing the aforementioned social ills from a macrocosmic perspective. And in that regard he has concluded that “the whole way of life” of the people involved needs to be changed instead of isolating one particular issue or group of individuals as the problem.

Quick Facts

Lil Baby dropped this track as a standalone single, in direct response to the aforementioned social movement.

In fact he is said to have led one such protest himself, with his participation in that event serving as the cover art for this single.

It has also been reported that he is donating proceeds generated from this song to various NGOs.

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