“The Take” by Tory Lanez (ft. Chris Brown)

“The Take” is a bedroom fun song. It is one of those types where the artist is tasked with letting the female addressee know how effective he is in the sack. So for instance, in the first verse Tory Lanez touts that he can last for a good “70 minutes”. And considering that this is a bedroom fun tune, which was dropped as recently as 2019, the rapper does get quite explicit in detailing his intimacy with a particular lady. Indeed to some degree we can even say that a man really doesn’t have any business listening to this section of the song without a female present. Well, unless maybe he’s looking for some pointers on how to get it done.

Somewhat ironically, it is actually Chris Brown who dedicates himself to taking a more-artistic approach. In fact it can be said that during his verse the only overt reference he seemingly makes to fun in the bedroom is in the first line. He also expresses something like general love for his partner, as in his willingness to spend ridiculous amounts of money to make her happy.  Indeed he goes on to insinuate that their relationship is akin to a marriage, i.e. one that they’re into for “life”. And in the outro, Tory Lanez operates along a similar vein, ‘promising’ not to sleep with any other woman except his sweetheart.

Song’s Title

Meanwhile the title of the track is actually a reference to the phrase “take you down”. That’s a metaphor for the singers ‘taking’ their respective romantic partners, as in initiating bedroom fun with them.


So conclusively, this is once again a true bedroom fun song. At points, it may read like your average hip-hop tune concerning the matter, one in which the vocalist is overly preoccupied with intimacy. But at other junctures, the artists also come off as if that they are truly committed to their partners. So all lyrics considered, we can say that their significant others are also individuals whom they are highly attracted to.

Lyrics of "The Take"

Facts about “The Take”

The extensive writing team behind “The Take” consists of over a dozen songwriters, including Brown and Lanez.

This track relies on a sample of a song Chris Brown dropped back in 2007 entitled “Take You Down”. However, Breezy also recorded additional vocals specifically for “The Take”.

Interscope Records and Mad Love Records released this track on 15 November 2019 as part of Tory Lanez’s album “Chixtape 5”.

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