“Temperature Rising” by Tory Lanez

Getting straight to the point, the title of this song is actually an allegory for things getting hot between Tory Lanez and his lover, i.e. the lyric’s addressee. In other words, they find themselves alone for the evening, and he has every intention, succinctly put, to make love to her. So some of the lyrics serve as verbal illustrations of what he is fantasizing about doing to her once they do get it on. And others are more along the lines of encouraging her to adopt a similar mood, i.e. sensually entertain him. 

So basically what we have here, according to Tory’s own words, is a “lovemaking” tune.  And what it all boils down is him being shall we say in the mood for the night and wanting to become physically engaged with the apple of his eye.

Lyrics of "Temperature Rising"

Release Date

This track was brought to us via a label called One Umbrella, which Tory Lanez founded.  In fact with “Temperature Rising” being released on 15 May 2020, it is actually the first track he has dropped as an independent artist.


Tory Lanez penned the tune in conjunction with its producer, a musician known as Super Miles.

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