“Can I” by Kehlani (ft. Tory Lanez)

The titular question at hand centers on Kehlani asking her lover, who is being portrayed by Tory Lanez, if she can come over. That is to say that she considers him to be an exceptional love maker. And with herself currently being in the mood, she basically wants to come over for a booty call. So what Tory is telling her in return is that she is more than welcome to come. In fact he is likewise heavily attracted to her and expresses lyrics accordingly.

So conclusively, this is fundamentally a love song. But its intended draw is obviously to use as many unique metaphors as possible which point to the idea of the characters enjoying bedroom fun with each other.

Lyrics of "Can I"

Facts about “Can I”

First off, the songwriting team behind this track consists of Johntá Austin. He is the writer and co-producer of “Come Over”, a song that Tank and the late Aaliyah dropped back in 2002 which is sampled into “Can I”. Then the other co-producers of “Come Over”, Jazze Pha, Kevin Hicks and Bryan-Michael Cox, are also credited as writers of “Can I”.

The other co-writers consist of Kehlani and Lanez. Moreover the track’s producers, Wansel, Jake and Some Randoms (Klein and Campfield) are also given writing credits.

This song came out, via Atlantic Records and TSNMI, on 8 May 2020 as part of Kehlani’s album entitled “It Was Good Until It Wasn’t”. The hit songs “F&MU” and “Everybody Business” also appear on the project in question.

Is this Kehlani’s first collaboration with Tory Lanez?

Yes. “Can I” marks the first musical collaboration between Kehlani and Lanez.

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