“Time For Me To Come Home” by Blake Shelton (ft. Dorothy Shackleford)

Let’s say that as far as the music industry is concerned, Christmas is unequivocally a time for family. All of us adults may know that in reality, the practice of the holiday isn’t as benevolent as would like to believe. But at the same time, truth be told this is the time of year that we tend to think about family more so than any other.

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And such is basically the premise of Blake Shelton’s “Time for Me to Come Home”, specifically in terms of the vocalist’s relationship with his mother. In the first verse, we see that the holiday season, in all its glory, is in full swing. But “something just don’t seem right” within Blake. And he comes to realize, upon eventually receiving a call from his mother, that what it was which was bothering him up until that point was not hearing from her.

Or put conclusively, to him Christmas just isn’t Christmas unless he heads home to spend some time with his mom. And yes, Blake is very much looking forward to consuming some of her home-baked pies for instance. But in his eyes, even those tastiness of those treats are symbolic of her love. 

So it’s as if the vocalist is someone who can be smack dab in the middle of Rockefeller Center on 24th December. But still, the Christmas spirit will not affect him as much it would if he were back home and more specifically with his mom.

Blake Shelton, "Time For Me To Come Home" Lyrics

Facts about “Time For Me To Come Home”

This song officially features American film producer and songwriter, Dorothy Shackleford who is actually the mother of Blake Shelton.

Shackleford co-wrote “Time for Me to Come Home” alongside her son Blake. The song’s production was carried out by Scott Hendricks.

Blake has referred to this song as being about one that centers on the relationship between a child and mother.

“Time For Me To Come Home” shares the same title as a 2018 Hallmark Christmas movie, which was executively produced by Blake Shelton. This track is featured in the movie.

The movie in question contains bits and pieces of Shelton’s life although it’s mostly fiction, as Dorothy (Shelton’s mum) explained. The movie stars Josh Henderson as Heath and Megan Park as Cara.

The song itself was officially released on October 2nd, 2012. It is one of the 14 songs found on Blake’s first Christmas album titled “Cheers, It’s Christmas”.

Time For Me To Come Home

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