“Triggered (Freestyle)” by Jhené Aiko

This is a heartfelt song by Jhené Aiko in which she uses the medium of a freestyle to get some inner feelings off her chest. The track is based on her addressing an ex-boyfriend. And basically she is dissing him for apparently dumping her while simultaneously still expressing love for him. But for the most part, it is very clear that Aiko is frustrated throughout this track. For instance, she insinuates in the third verse that if she were to run into this guy “face-to-face”, she might beat the “blood” out of him. In fact the title of the track is derived from the fact that Jhené feels “triggered”, as in set on having a major-emotional response, every time she sees her ex’s face. And accordingly, she advises her ex of his “need to stay out of (her) way”.

Is this song about rapper Big Sean?

It has been logically speculated that this track is about rapper Big Sean, whom Jhené had a deep-romantic relationship with in the past. However, Aiko has denied this. Either way, it is clear, as she herself admitted, that she was “in (her) feelings” while composing this track. 

And accordingly, it is a mixture of love with a whole lot of angst and bitterness. But what it all boils down to is that she still feels for the person she is speaking of and concludes that she got a raw deal when the two of them broke up.

Quick Facts about “Triggered”

  • For those who believe that this track is actually about Big Sean, Jhené Aiko has stated it “is not a diss song” and also that getting this track out had a therapeutic effect on her.
  • Jhené was assisted in writing this song by a ton of songwriters, including Ross James. Maclean Robinson, Brian K. Warfield alongside Julian-Quan Viet Le are also credited with contributing writing to this track.
  • Julian-Quan Viet Le also co-produced “Triggered” alongside The Fisticuffs.
  • Universal Music Group and Def Jam Recordings released this track on 8 May 2019.

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