“Just Give Me A Reason” by Pink (ft. Nate Ruess)

Pink’s “Just Give Me a Reason” focuses on an attempt by two romantic partners to patch things up in a somewhat shaky relationship. Both singers (Nate Ruess & Pink) tell the story of two lovers who have grown apart, especially because they begin to blame each other and complicate the bond they share. Although they believe that the relationship is in a bad place, they still have hope that it can be fixed and they can start over.

Since one of the best ways to settle an argument is to first express one’s honest opinions, both singers vividly pour out their hearts to each other. Pink begins by confessing that she did not plan on falling in love with him, by calling him a thief who stole her heart. From her perspective, she opened up entirely to him, but it seems lately he has been acting as though he’s had enough of her. Nate however, replies that he thought everything was fine between them. He then blames her for their so called ‘space’, saying that she has been overthinking things and getting too emotional.

The essence of the song is that they both realize that their bond is just crooked and can be mended. They believe that although they’ve been through a lot of pain and hurt, they can overcome all those if they decide to learn to love each other again.

Pink explains the meaning of “Just Give Me A Reason”

Pink addressing the meaning of the song in a quote on Spotify mentioned that the song captures the times when a partner feels like they are growing apart because their significant other does not act in a certain way.

Lyrics of “Just Give Me a Reason”

Facts about “Just Give Me a Reason”

This song marks the first collaboration between Pink and Nate Ruess (lead singer of the American pop band Fun.). And interestingly enough, you should know that Nate reluctantly agreed to the idea of doing a duet.

“Just Give Me a Reason” went on to become one of the top sellers of 2013. It topped the Billboard Hot 100 in addition to music charts in 20 other countries.

And across the pond the track peaked at number 2 on Britain’s UK Singles Chart.

“Just Give Me a Reason” also went multi-Platinum in many a nation, including Australia, Canada, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK and the US.

In addition the music video, which was directed by Diane Martel, won an MTV Video Music Award (Best Collaboration) in 2014.

“Just Give Me a Reason” was written by Pink, Ruess and his regular collaborator, Jeff Bhasker, who is also the track’s producer.

This song was officially released by RCA Records on 26 February 2013.  In doing so, it served as the third single from Pink’s album, “The Truth About Love”. That hit album of Pink’s also produced several other hits, including “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)“.

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