“Reputation” by Post Malone

The lyrics of Post Malone’s “Reputation” have a definite emo feel. And what we’re dealing with here, most simply put, is something like Posty pitying himself. Indeed, it can be said that he does have a reputation of being, let’s say the type of artist whose ways you wouldn’t necessarily want to emulate. For instance, as implied in these very lyrics, his raps often point to the idea of the vocalist being akin to a drug addict. And let’s further say that generally speaking, Malone isn’t compelled to adhere to mainstream norms, despite constantly being in the spotlight.

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But all of that noted, whether the vocalist is taken on a role or not, what this song is putting forth is that even though others may look up to him, Post looks down on himself. Or reading in between the lines, there are certain activities that he regularly engages in which he knows may not be the best ways to conduct his life. This includes ‘raising hell’, ‘taking pills’, ‘f–king hoes’ and just ‘f–king up’ in general.  

What is further being insinuated is that the masses, i.e. his fans, take such actions on his behalf as being a form of entertainment. And perhaps it is such admiration which is preventing him from expeditiously rectifying these issues. So it’s like on one hand, the vocalist wants to change alright. But on the other, he really doesn’t believe he can do so, as his own birth, in his eyes, was a curse, in a manner of speaking.


So conclusively, it seems as if the thesis sentiment revolves around Posty recognizing that he does have a “reputation”, one which perhaps can be deemed self-destructive. And whereas he may sound penitent, he doesn’t necessarily sound confident in terms of changing the trajectory of his life, if even he really wants to do so. So it’s almost as if Post Malone is saying follow his lead at your own risk.

Lyrics to Post Malone's "Reputation"

When did Post Malone release “Reputation”?

This track is from Post’s fourth studio album, “Twelve Carat Toothache”, which finally got around to being released, through Republic and Mercury Records, on 3 June 2022. The expectation is that this project will prove to be a multi-platinum smash, as with Posty’s LPs that preceded it. 

Prior to the album’s official date of release, two songs were released as singles from it. The first was “One Right Now” (which features The Weeknd). The second was “Cooped Up” (which features Roddy Ricch).

“Reputation” is the opening track on the playlist of “Twelve Carat Toothache” (which has approximately 14 tracks).

Writing and Production

Malone wrote “Reputation” with the song’s producer, Louis Bell. Bell, who is considered one of the most accomplished songwriters and producers of his generation, has produced and written a ton of hits, including the following:

Actually as of the release date of “Reputation”, he has approximately eight number one hit songs to his credit. Interesting to note is that he actually scored his first number 1 hit with Posty’s “Rockstar” (which he co-produced and co-wrote).


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