“Cooped Up” by Post Malone (ft. Roddy Ricch)

To put forth that you’re “feeling cooped up”, as Post Malone does in the chorus, is another way of saying that you feel confined or stifled and need to let something out. Some fans of the rapper have taken that to point to his music career and the fact that Posty, who is a very popular artist, is on the verge of dropping his first album since 2019.

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But the verses don’t actually relay such a message. Rather, both Malone and his co-star (Roddy Ricch) use the opportunity primarily to celebrate their wealth and success.  Post also mentions a few times, both directly and indirectly, his affinity for various intoxicants. And one outstanding part of Roddy’s verse is when he reveals that, as far as touring goes, Posty actually gave him his big break.

Post Malone's "Cooped Up" Lyrics

Release Date of “Cooped Up”

“Cooped Up” is actually the first track Post Malone released in 2022, though the second single from his “Twelve Carat Toothache” album. More specifically, Republic Records made this song public on 12 May 2022. 

For the record, the album’s lead single was Malone’s 2021 collaboration with The Weeknd titled “One Right Now“.

Malone has expressed a high level of appreciation for Roddy Ricch. To note, this is actually the second time they teamed up in song, as in 2019 Ricch was featured on the remix of Malone’s 2018 track “Wow“.

Louis Bell produced this track and also gets songwriting credit alongside Malone, Roddy, Wayne Moore and Billy Walsh.

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