“Weapons” by Ava Max

You don’t have to be famous to know that celebrities deal with a lot of negative criticism, and that’s especially true in the age of social media. And whereas the lyrics of Ava Max’s “Weapons” do not center on that reality, one can’t help but to think that they were at least inspired by it. 

What Ava is speaking to is how words can be used “as weapons”. Owing to this, she has accordingly developed a thick skin in the name of counteracting such attacks.

But it isn’t such that she’s presenting herself as being invulnerable. Rather, it’s more along the lines of the vocalist being an artist whose mission it is to promote love. So as far as the haters go, they only have two choices really. Either they’re going to utilize weaponized words in the name of starting a fight or take the more peaceful approach, as in opting to dance as the tune encourages. 

If they are to choose the former, Ava is also letting them know that at the end of the day even though their attacks may be painful, it isn’t such that they are going to knock her off course.

Lyrics for Ava Max's "Weapons"

When did Ava release “Weapons”?

Ava Max’s debut LP, 2020’s “Heaven & Hell”, proved to be an international success. And with a release date of 10 November 2022, “Weapons” is the third single from its follow-up, “Diamonds & Dancefloors”, a project likewise backed by Atlantic Records.

Writing and Production Credits

This track was produced by Cirkut, the Canadian musician who played a prominent role throughout. And he also gets songwriting credit for “Weapons” alongside Ava Max and four other songwriters, namely:

  • Ryan Tedder
  • Lindgren Schulz
  • Melanie Joy Fontana
  • Madison Love

Something Noteworthy

Ava Max has noted that the lyrics of “Weapons” are ‘her favorite of any song she’s released this year’. 

For the record, her other two tracks of 2022 have been “Maybe You’re the Problem” and “Million Dollar Baby“, respectively being the first and second singles from “Diamonds & Dancefloors”.

This track was first teased by Ava Max in July of 2022. It did reportedly leak in early September, over two months before being officially released.


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