“Wobble Up” by Chris Brown (Ft. Nicki Minaj & G-Eazy)

This track is a twerk songTwerking is a suggestive dance performed primarily with the buttocks (as can be deduced from the track’s cover art) that has been popularized for the most part due to the efforts of go-go dancers. As such, in this song, Chris Brown and G-Eazy play the role of men who patronize their services, while Nicki Minaj seems to portray the character of the aforementioned professional.

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What differentiates Chris Brown’s verses from that of G-Eazy is that Breezy does not seem intent on actually paying for the services that are being rendered onto him. In fact he asserts that “bad bi**es” should instead be paying him for entertaining them. In contrast, if G-Eazy gets wobbled effectively enough, he is willing to “empty (his) accounts” in a show of appreciation. 

That said, one thing both artists do agree on is a willingness to have affairs with women who are having issues with their boyfriends.

Meanwhile Nicki approaches this issue from a female perspective. She insinuates that the guy she is currently dealing with is because “other dudes had their chance” but apparently messed up.  Also she is not the type to get all lovey-dovey after being intimate with a guy.  She also recounts a story of visiting the club and running into some dude who has “been stunting” on her, as in trying to play her. And she apparently opts to deal with the situation using gun violence. Later she concludes the verse by giving a shoutout to “all (her) real ni**as”.

Overall this is a song in which Chris Brown in particular is encouraging the lady he is addressing to put on a good show whilst twerking. And the word “wobble” (as used throughout the track) is basically synonymous with a woman shaking her behind.

Facts about “Wobble Up”

  • Chris Brown officially dropped this song on 18 April 2019. The song is featured on Breezy’s 2019 album titled Indigo.
  • The single Chris released prior to this was “Back to Love”, which is also part of the Indigo album.
  • “Wobble Up” was released straight to streaming services without any preceding promotion or teasing.
  • In addition to the three artists involved, this track was co-written by J.R. Rotem and Theron Thomas. The former also produced “Wobble Up”.
  • The label it was released on is RCA Records.

Is this the first time Chris Brown is working with G-Eazy or Nicki Minaj?

No. Chris collaborated with G-Eazy prior on the latter’s 2016 track “Drifting” and 2017 song “In Your Life”.

Chris also worked with Nicki Minaj before on her tracks “Right By My Side” (2012) and “Only” (2014), DJ Khaled’s “Take It to the Head” (2012) and “Do You Mind”(2016) and  Meek Mill’s “All Eyes on You” (2015). In 2013, he also worked with her on his own track titled “Love More”.

Meanwhile this is the first collaboration between G-Eazy and Nicki.

 Does “Wobble Up” make use of samples?

Yes. It relies heavily on a sample from “Monkey on the D*ck” by the late Cash Money Records’ rap artist Magnolia Shorty (1982-2010).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Disgusting song. This isn’t music it is garbage.

  2. Olwam Jama says:

    I love this song ❤️

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