“Will (Remix)” by Joyner Lucas & Will Smith

About a month and-a-half ago, we featured a track Joyner Lucas dropped entitled “Will” which, all things considered, was about as big of a tribute an artist can give to actor/rapper Will Smith. Indeed Smith himself went on to publicly acknowledge that he was taken aback by Joyner’s all-around effort. Well now the Fresh Prince himself has dusted off the mic to participate in the remix of the tune which was created in his honor.

When Smith did publicly acknowledge Joyner’s track, one of the words he used in reference to how he was feeling is “humbled”. And he definitely takes on a likeminded disposition with his lyrics. Indeed Big Willie doesn’t use the occasion of being praised to big-up himself per se. Rather just as he has inspired Joyner, Smith goes about pointing out a number of individuals who served as his motivation towards success. Some of them are personalities we’ve all heard of, such as Nelson Mandela, Dr. J, Muhammad Ali and his “Bad Boys” partner, Martin Lawrence. But he also mentions his grandmom, who through her criticisms actually made him more resolved.

And before all is said and done, he does get a bit braggadocious. For instance, he’s one of the few individuals on Earth who can boast of “60 million records sold”. But he also goes about giving a shoutout to his family as well as encouraging Joyner. And Joyner, in further recognition of the Smith’s greatness, actually takes a back seat on the tune, just holding down the chorus. Indeed with Smith dropping an extended verse, it’s almost like this is actually his song, and he’s rather featuring Joyner Lucas.


So conclusively, “Will” is still very much an ode to Will Smith. And whereas it’s safe to say that he could have easily come in boasting about his unparalleled professional success, instead he takes it all in stride. Moreover it can now be said that he is trying to encourage Joyner and others directly as opposed to indirectly.

Writing Credits for “Will”

Joyner Lucas and Will Smith wrote the “Will (Remix)” alongside the track’s producer, Crank Lucas.

Release Date

The track was released, as a standalone, on the 15th of May, 2020.

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