“Broke and Stupid” by Joyner Lucas

The philosophy the title of this song is based on is described in its intro.  Joyner is advising listeners that while in school to “get the information”, lest they come out “stupid”, which is a terrible fate.  Indeed even if they find themselves broke, they should avoid being both “broke and stupid”, as such is “really, really bad”.

But this line of reasoning is not what the actual verses are about. Instead they deal with a myriad of topics which, if they were to be condensed into one singular theme, would most likely be something along the lines of Joyner Lucas’ come-up. He starts by reminiscing on the days when he and his people “were broke and poor”. Later he also brings up the fact that he was labeled “slow” as a child. But now, while he is relatively-humble in terms of highlighting his more-recent accomplishments, it is clear that his life has transformed greatly. For example, Joyner now owns a Lamborghini and rubs shoulders with powerful people like billionaire rapper Jay-Z. And what’s more, today he is considered “brilliant”, which is in sharp contrast to his childhood assessment.

Indeed it seems as if what Lucas is trying to say is that at one point in his life, he actually was “broke and stupid”. But the rapper guarantees that he will never go back to living that way again.

Lyrics of "Broke and Stupid"

Music Video

Lucas filmed part of the music video to “Broke and Stupid” in his hometown of Worcester, Massachusetts.

Writer (s) and Producer(s) of “Broke and Stupid”

Joyner Lucas wrote the entirety of this rap on his own.

“Broke and Stupid” was produced by the following music producers:

  • Nox Beatz
  • NextLane Beats
  • CorMill

Date of Release

Joyner Lucas released “Broke and Stupid” independently on 27 June 2019. It is to be featured on his his 2019 album ADHD. FYI, ADHD is his maiden studio album. ADHD also contains the singles “Devil’s Work” and “ISIS“.

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