“The Problem” by Joyner Lucas

Apparently “the problem” Joyner Lucas has is that there is a cherished woman in his life who wants to settle down with him. But he “ain’t done being a ho”, meaning that he still wants to live the promiscuous life. Moreover he has romantic skeletons in his closet so to speak, which are disabling him from loving freely. However, during the second half of the song he comes off a bit differently. Here we find him bragging about the different types of women in his life. And he concludes by insinuating he has “found love” but then later stating that he “can’t fall in love”. 

And indeed the lyrics do come off as contradicting themselves at times. But ultimately what we have here is the case of a man who may be in love with a certain woman alright. But the type of lifestyle he idolizes is one in which he is open to different choices.  That is to say, once again, he’s not keen on the idea of being a husband and would rather continue playing the single’s game.

“The Problem” was written by Joyner Lucas. And the various producers of the track are as follows:

  • Boi-1da
  • YogiTheProducer
  • Curtis Crump Jr.
  • Al Hug
  • Samarei
  • DillyGotItBumpin
  • CAMEone

The song was dropped on 23 October 2020 as part of Joyner’s project titled “Evolution”.  And it was put out via his own independent label, Twenty Nine Music Group.

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