“Revenge” by Joyner Lucas

The most effective way to describe Joyner Lucas’ “Revenge” is as a braggadocio song. The lyrics focus largely on Joyner’s commitment to realness and love life. In terms of the former ideology, this apparently includes him regularly engaging in street violence. Or more to the point, he presents himself as someone who resolves conflicts via the utilization of the gat. 

Also regarding his love life, whereas he may have a steady girlfriend, he also has an unspecified number of side chicks whom he classifies as “hos”. At certain points, apparently in trying to keep within the theme of the album which “Revenge” is featured on, the artist does start to introspect on his mental issues. He also points out that back in the days he was “depressed as [expletive]”. But for the most part the best way to describe the lyrics, regardless of the different subthemes, are as being centered on self-aggrandizement, as in Joyner is really feeling himself. 

And the title is based on his preference for “revenge” over “peace”, a statement which is apparently directed at his enemies. So at the end of the day, we can say the two main topics of this song are the rapper’s greatness as well as his violent tendencies.

Lyrics of "Revenge"

Quick Facts about “Revenge”

Twenty Nine Music Group released “Revenge” on 3 February 2020. It is a part of Joyner’s maiden studio album titled “ADHD”.

Joyner Lucas wrote “Revenge”, and the track was produced by the following producers:

  • Boi-1da
  • Sonorous
  • Drtwrk
  • Jahaan Sweet

Joyner also directed the music video to this song alongside Ben Proulx.

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