“ISIS” by Joyner Lucas (Ft. Logic)

The terrorist organization whom this track is named after are mentioned a couple of times during the verses of the song. First is by Joyner Lucas who refers to ISIS in relation to his wherewithal to “kidnap a ni**a”.  And later Logic drops a line referencing the group which has a similar sentiment of leaving somebody “missing”. But overall this song is about a myriad of topics, most notably Joyner’s rise to success, the topic of beef from Logic’s perspective and the mental condition ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). However, it should be noted that the word “ISIS” is repeated numerous times in the outro, as in the artists bigging up that organization, though the reasoning behind such apparently alludes to them playing the role of terrorists against opps.

Indeed we see that Joyner is indeed “crazy”, even willing to “beat the police with a nightstick”. However, it is not clear if he is doing so due to being a member of “ISIS” or to the ADHD which afflicts him. And overall, the primary issue Lucas’ verse focuses on is violence, including the gun variety. However, he also takes time to throw shade at a number of people, including the following

  • A noticeably absent foe (perhaps Tory Lanez)
  • A teacher who told him he would not amount to anything
  • People who claim they are relatives so that they can hit him up for dough

Logic steps in

Meanwhile Logic comes in with a more peaceful tone. He reveals that what he and Joyner are actually interested in killing is “beat(s)” and “verses”. Then he gets into the topic of “beef” and subsequently “peace”. This is important because he and Joyner were actually in a feud. The feud was so serious to the point where fans were surprised they even dropped this track together, and some of Logic’s lyrics in that regard likely refer to them burying the hatchet.

That said, Logic does not seem to be able to resist the temptation of painting himself as gang-related also. And later even Joyner Lucas has to give a shoutout to the “street crimes that (he) committed”. 

What’s this song all about?

This track is more or less basic rap industry fare, in that you would be hard-pressed to find a rapper these days who does not present himself as a bad boy. However, the chorus is mildly-innovative, as in it uses a countdown method, somewhat similar to the likes of Kendrick Lamar. But what really makes this track unique is the artists – for lack of a better term – giving a shoutout to the notorious terrorist organization ISIS or at least likening themselves to this group.

Lyrics of Joyner Lucas' "ISIS"

Facts about “ISIS”

  • As aforementioned, Joyner Lucas and Logic recently had a somewhat lengthy beef. This allegedly began back in 2016 due to Joyner being disappointed by the verse Logic dropped on their collabo titled “Sriracha”. “Sriracha” was the first and only time prior to “ISIS” Logic and Joyner collaborated. And reportedly, Tech N9ne, the headline artist of that track, wasn’t too enthused with Logic’s effort either.
  • The music video to “ISIS” is very-cinematic and features a plot twist where Logic portrays the role of a captured ISIS operative.
  • “ISIS”, which came out on 23rd May, 2019, was written by Logic and Joyner Lucas. The production was done by the trio of Rocktee, Nox Beatz and Boi-1da.
  • “ISIS” is publicly recognized as a reconciliation between Joyner Lucas and Logic.

On which album does “ISIS” appear?

It appears on Joyner Lucas’ maiden studio album ADHD.  The song “Devil’s Work” also appears ADHD

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