“Zim Zimma” by Joyner Lucas

Some readers will instantly recognize the title of this song as being a derivative of sim simma, a phrase made popular by dancehall king Beenie Man so many years ago. And Joyner Lucas does sample the track it is derived from (Who Am I) onto Zim Zimma.  And he uses the phrase, like Beenie Man, to point to the fact that he has a “Beamer”, i.e. a BMW. 

So ultimately the title serves as an allegory for Joyner’s wealth. And as expected he goes on to present himself in quintessential rap badboy fashion, as someone who is boastful in terms of his money, women and guns.

Joyner Lucas is the sole writer of Zim Zimma. The track was released by the Twenty Nine Music Group on 23 October 2020 as part of his as part of his album, Evolution.

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