“1000 Doves” by Lady Gaga

The addressee of Lady Gaga’s “1000 Doves”, judging how the singer refers to him in the bridge especially, reads as if it is a romantic interest. And Gaga is putting forth two ideas in regards to their relationship. 

First is that she has his back, particularly from an emotional standpoint, as in exclaiming her willingness to absorb his pains and disappointments. But concurrently she is also looking forward to a similar commitment from him. Indeed she lets it be known that, in the present moment, she is dealing with a considerable degree of emotional turmoil herself. 

So she is basically giving him an ultimatum. If he doesn’t truly care about her, then he should go. But if he does, then his love has the power to ‘set her free’ from the aforementioned pain she is experiencing. Or stated differently, she “will be flying like 1000 doves” as a benefit of his supportive love.

Facts about “1000 Doves”

In addition to the standard version of “1000 Doves”, there is also a “Piano Demo” of the song present on the Target Deluxe edition “Chromatica”.

The standard version is the 15th song on the album and the “Piano Demo” the 18th.

Gaga penned “1000 Doves” along with these writers and producers:

  • Yacoub Rami
  • Bresso Leonard
  • Michael Tucker (or BloodPop)

 “1000 Doves” is track number 15 on Gaga’s universally acclaimed album “Chromatica”. It wasn’t a single from this critically acclaimed project (whose release date was 29th May, 2020). Actually the project produced just two official singles:

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  1. Bryan McGucken says:

    When *I* first heard these lyrics and later looked them up to correct ones I heard wrong, I read this song as an ode to the power human compassion can have to unlock so many things.

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