“Replay” by Lady Gaga

The symbols in Lady Gaga’s “Replay” are too intricate to analyze in haste. Or stated otherwise, whereas the lyrics are quite-powerful, they are also ambiguous enough to lead to varying interpretations. But this is what we can definitely ascertain. Gaga is dealing with some type of internal depression/turmoil. And this feeling is somehow related to her relationship with the addressee, who in the second verse in particular reads as if it may be her romantic interest. But more to the point, she cannot escape the aforementioned mental afflictions. And that is what she is referring to by the title, as in these feeling being “on replay”. Thus the insinuation is that they existed even before she got involved with the addressee.

Now she does allude to the fact that the addressee is somehow “torturing” her. And once again going back to the second verse, we can see that whereas this individual is causing her (emotional) harm, she also highly values her association with him.

“The scars on my mind are on replay”

So all lyrics considered, what it actually reads like is that the singer is in some type of toxic relationship. We can say her partner has a “monster”-like persona. And this aspect of his personality is causing her to relive some type of psychological trauma which she has endured – perhaps at his hands, the hands of someone else or both.

Was “Replay” released as a single?

No. It is the 12th song on the playlist of the album entitled “Chromatica” (which is Gaga’s sixth studio project).

“Replay” along with “Chromatica” was put out by Interscope Records on 29 May, 2020. Despite not receiving the attention of a single, “Replay” went on to become one of the most-liked songs on the album.

Writing Credits

Lady Gaga worked with Matthew J. Burns and Mike Tucker (aka BloodPop) to pen “Replay”. Burns not only co-wrote the song, but he also produced it.

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    The addressee is yourself.

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